Custom ROM Oxygen OS 9.5.7 Pie 9.0 Port Update for Whyred [ OnePlus 7 Port ]

Custom ROM Oxygen OS  9.5.7 Pie 9.0 Port Update for Whyred [ OnePlus 7 Port ] - Kali ini kami akan memberikan lagi informasi tentang Custom ROM Oxygen OS untuk Whyred. Yang dimana ROM ini merupakan salah satu hasil Port dari Android OnePlus 7 ROM dengan pembaruan dari versi sebelumnya.

Custom ROM ini juga sudah mengadaptasih Android 9.0 atau Android Pie. Sehingga, kalian bisa merasakan pembaruan atau Update dari ROM ini. Namun, untuk Screenshoot dari ROM ini, belum bisa kita tampilkan, karena kami belum mencobanya.

  • Default kernel is lceCold 5.2 Test 2 Supports only Pie Firmware!
  • Fixed Notch
  • Overheating notification popup
  • Battery capacity value is 4000 now
  • Hotspot connected devices
  • Brightness fixed
  • No more random reboots
  • Dolby Atmos works
  • Google Face Unlock
  • OPLauncher with Feed
  • Ambient display works
  • Zram by default 1600mb
  • WiFi speed limit increased till 150mbs
  • Camera replaced with old APK
  • Walls replaced with old APK
  • Most of Gapps were deleted
  • Screen recorder replaced with old APK
  • Dialer without call recording
  • Sound Profile Tile add it by pressing on edit
  • button
  • Long screenshots working
  • Snapchat working
  • Ok Google Voice match still derping, leave him alone

Bugs and notes 
  • DATA partition required
  • Assistant Voice Activation not working
  • OnePlus camera and MiCam are not optimized!
  • Have bad quality and crashing sometimes. Portrait
  • Mode not working on this cams!
  • Use Google Camera ports
  • exFAT SDcard not supported
  • Don't Setup OnePlus FaceUnlock, else Google
  • SmartLock Trusted Face will disappear and you will
  • need to reflash the ROM to enable that feature!
  • Headphones without microphone are detecting
  • with mic, means microphone won't work until you
  • unplug headphones.
  • Screen Calibration on first Boot while system
  • setup select "Custom color" and select cold colors.

Thanks to:
  • Guzram and his team for their hard work with Ports
  • and Vendor!
  • Sharapa for his help with fixing bugs, creating
  • patches and advices!
  • Tamas Kemenesi for his awesome Kernel!
  • Vern Kuato for help with creating Overlays to fix bugs!
  • Erfan Abdi & Yuhan Zhang for their help with
  • brightness fix!

Download :

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