Custom ROM [UNOFFICIAL] COLT OS for Whyred

Custom ROM COLT OS Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) - Hai, balik lagi kami tim XiaomiGeekID akan memberikan lagi Custom ROM yang bisa kalian gunakan untuk Devices Whyred atau Redmi Note 5 Pro kalian masing-masing.

Custom ROM ini bernama COLT OS. ROM yang satu ini sudah mengadaptasih Android Pie (9.0). Tampilannya pun masih sama dengan Android Pie pada umumnya. Hanya saja, untuk menggunakan ROM ini, kalian harus menggunakan Firmware Pie yang Stable.

Custom ROM [UNOFFICIAL] COLT OS for Whyred


  • Initial Build
  • Fixed Volte (thanks to Adi)
  • Gcam 4k blobs added (thanks to Jhenrique and nhappy)
  • Blobs from Pie Firmware



  • Version bumped to 4.3
  • june security patch, r42
  • Added More Switch styles.
  • Added More QS tile styles.
  • Added Live volume steps.
  • Added support WPA3.
  • Added One-hand UI & toggle.
  • Faster animation for ColtUI and activity.
  • Fix battery temp display.
  • Tint active volume bar with gradient.
  • Added Ambient music ticker.
  • Added advanced location tile option
  • Added screen record (Button combination).
  • Added screen recorder tile.
  • Added dark background in custom shutdown.
  • Fix Statusbar hide on LS.
  • Added volume key answer
  • Removed cube animation for tabs.
  • Added Colt header Thanks to @Roger_T & many other headers too.
  • Updated Lawnchair to Alpha-2081
  • Added Elegent Green accent.
  • Added New wall Thanks to @Roger_T
  • Added new theme Bl

Mungkin, segini dulu yang bisa kami bagikan untuk kalian mengenai Custom ROM Redmi Note 5 Pro, Semoga bermanfaat dan jangan lupa bagikan artikel ini.

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